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Fully flat business-class comfort that maintains cabin density

Innovative and efficient

The Vantage was the first seat from Thompson Aero Seating and set the standard for the other seats in the range to build upon. Indeed, it set a standard too in the industry. The Vantage offers a fully flat bed and maximum passenger comfort while still maintaining cabin density. An innovative and highly efficient design, the Vantage is adaptable across single- and twin-aisle platforms.


  • Proven reliability The Vantage has proven reliability and quality, resulting in low cost of ownership
  • Highly successful A hugely popular seat installed across many leading airlines
  • Flexible design Offering a wide range of configurations for single and twin aisle
  • Fully customisable The Vantage design can be customised and optimised to provide differentiation
  • Flexible stowage options Integrated stowage options that can be adapted and customised

Recognising the different requirements for different airlines and their respective passengers, the Vantage offers flexible stowage options that can be matched to the customer’s specific requirements.

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About Thompson Aero Seating

Thompson Aero Seating is recognised for cutting-edge design, engineering, and manufacture of premium airline seating. Bespoke solutions maximise passengers’ personal space and, through intelligent design, optimise every inch of the cabin.

More About Thompson Aero Seating

“The hero of business-class seating, the Vantage was our original fully flat-bed seat. Wholly customisable and with a wide range of configurations, the Vantage offers airlines great flexibility.”

Jonny McGreevy, Head of Design at Thompson Aero Seating

“The Vantage seat has a great track record for reliability. The quality of design, engineering, and manufacture makes it excellent value for money for airlines and gives passengers a real feeling of luxury.”

Andy Morris, VP Commercial for Thompson Aero Seating

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